Every birth is special


"My experience with Stevie as my Birth Doula was amazing. Being a first time mom, I thought I could plan for how the birth of my daughter was going to go. I can be pretty neurotic when it comes to planning, and though I generally like to think of myself as a laid-back person, I can have a hard time accepting things not going the way I expect them to. That's where Stevie comes in. With her support and encouragement I made it though my labour and delivery, not only without regrets, but with pride in myself and having learned my first (and arguably most important) lesson as a mom; when something doesn't go the way you want it to just accept it, learn from it and move on. 


Stevie and I started meeting about two months before my due-date. She would come to my house every other week and we would sit and talk about how I was feeling, my birth plan and any questions I had about my upcoming venture. When she wasn't with me, she was texting to check up on me or sending me articles relative to previous conversations. She helped me write my birth plan, and talked me though what to expect when my labour started. We talked a lot about what I wanted from the birth. This was very refreshing. As most pregnant women can attest to, there is no shortage of advice you will receive when you're walking around with a baby bump. It can be very overwhelming. With Stevie, it was about her listening to me and being there to support my thoughts and feelings, and to provide me with the answers to my questions. 


She was at the hospital with me for most of my labour and the delivery. Her calm and collected attitude helped me stay focused during contractions. When a method of pain management wasn't working for me she was quick to suggest another, and to take care of any set up. She made sure that my partner was able to have all of his attention focused on me, and that I was as comfortable as possible. When I finally gave in and wanted pain medication she followed my wishes according to my birth plan and was made me feel confident in my choice.


After the birth Steve checked in with me frequently, and continued to visit. She provided me with several resources with regards to support groups and encouraged me to contact her at any time with questions or concerns. My relationship with Stevie was comfortable, supportive and professional. I would recommend her doula services to any expecting person, and I hope that, if in the future I have another pregnancy that she will be there to help me through it. Stevie is an amazing doula and I know she will do wonderful things. "
Robin Lalonde